Medical Path . NET

Medical Path.NET is a patient management system for small and medium size medical offices.

The application is easy to use and it doesn't require any software installation. Unlike many Web based applications, Medical Path.NET is a true rich Microsoft Windows application built on the latest technologies.

With Medical Path .NET there is no need to worry about your workstation's hard drive crashes. All the information is securely stored on our server and gets backed up on daily basis, so there is no chance of any information loss.

Upgrades with Medical Path .NET are seamless. The moment we release a new version, you receive it automatically.

Below are several screenshots of the application running.

The login screen prompts for user name and password for security. Each office can have multiple users that can use the system simultaneously. In addition, the application may be accessed from any computer with the Internet connection, e.g. any office, home, or even on the road.

The application is perfect for medical practices with multiple offices.

The following is the Patient list page. THe system easily supports millions of patient records. There is also an easy way to sort records and search for a specific patient by name, Social Security Number, Chart Number, and several other fields.